The Walking Snowflake

Every now and then you come across something that astonishes you beyond expectation. Maybe you have been to a place countless times, you know what’s there and you never tire of it. But suddenly, one time, you see something there you never saw before. It’s a little like watching a movie for the umpteenth time and hearing a line or seeing a look in someone’s eye for the first time, as if it wasn’t there all along, though you know it was.

Only those who watch the same movie over and over again will understand this idea precisely. I know people who won’t watch a movie again. “Oh, I saw that,” they say. But if it’s a good movie with a good story line, good imagery and good transitions from one scene to another, how is watching it again unlike listening again to a song you like  – hearing its composition, having its sounds evoke specific or changing imagery in your mind, marveling at the singer’s voice or the composer’s ability to transition smoothly and beautifully from one part to the next – and appreciating it each time in a new way and liking it again?

Yesterday I went to Yoder’s, my favorite grocery store, for the first time since coronavirus changed our lives. I don’t go there often under normal circumstances. It’s a 45-minute drive and they don’t have everything I need or want. But I love the way this store is not trying to be anything but itself, and it is perfectly comfortable with that. It’s not a chain, it’s not glitzy. They have shoo-fly pie, spelt flour, F.R.O.G. jam (Fig.Raspberry.Orange.Ginger.) and other oddities not found everywhere. They have this saying on the wall in the bathroom. Let us hope some people read it, and some of those take it to heart.

passing through this life (2) yodersbathroom sign

Yoder’s also has a petting zoo. I have been delighted many times with the way the children love seeing and feeding the goats …

Ellie at yoders with goat sept 2019.2mp

… the vibrant colors of some of the waterfowl they have …

bird at yoders oct 2016.2mp

… and the wonderful memories that flood my mind whenever I think of the place.

claudia at yoders Oct 2016 (2)

Kim and I at yoders May 2018.2mp

But yesterday I saw a walking snowflake at Yoder’s and it took my breath away. You might have seen blue and green peacocks (also called peafowl) somewhere in your travels (ah, the pre-corona days when we traveled!). The colors of these feathers seem unreal, painted on.

peacock sitting (2)2mp

But a white peacock? And in his full, front-facing, spread-feather glory no less? This is a sight you don’t see every day!

white peacock Yoder's (2)

This bird is not albino, in case you wondered. If you could get close enough, you’d see blue eyes. He is a genetic variation of the Indian peafowl, hailing from India and Sri Lanka, and could live to be 20 years old. They are found not only in captivity but also in the wild – even the white ones!

This beautiful bird reminded me yesterday that you never know what awaits you around the next bend. I certainly did not plan that Melba and I happened upon it during our visit – I know it’s pure luck to catch this moment in time. We had made the trip in part to celebrate her birthday. The store is fun, the weather was perfect and the chocolate ice cream we had after splitting a Reuben was the best she’s had in a long time, she said. But this surprising, remarkable creature made the day unforgettable.

Kinda makes you wonder what tomorrow will bring!


17 thoughts on “The Walking Snowflake

  1. Patricia,
    What a wondrous and ethereal creature! Thank you for sharing! The blue and green peacock was gorgeous too! Also, the saying made me think. Boy, I wish everyone would embrace this today and especially this evening. Even though we live in the suburbs, our Nextdoor App is suggesting that the protests and riots might show up in our sleepy town. I’ll believe it when I see it — not that we get out much anymore. Kindness to one and all and especially to you and yours, my friend! Mona


  2. Likewise and thank you! How easy it is for people to get riled up and do regrettable things, to impose their anger on the undeserving, to make bad things actually worse! That stuff is all so disheartening, which is another good reason to celebrate every walking snowflake you come across 🙂 Best wishes to you always!


    • I responded to your comment a few days ago and just realized that something went wrong and it didn’t appear – sorry! Yes, it’s a very fun place! I might have neglected to mention the toasted coconut covered marshmallows you can get there too, oh yum! Those are fun too. And a playground for kids, and great sandwiches, and local honey and produce — I could go on and on 🙂


  3. Ohh, reading your beautiful writing after my long break is bittersweet for me. I didn’t tell you this, but last year I promised myself that I would come down and stay a weekend in your cottage this summer. Now it’s this summer and we’re stuck, stuck!!! Sigh.


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