Who, me? A Napper?

Dumb luck comes to everyone at some point or other. It came to Harry by way of a bird – an unsuspecting, industrious, blessed bird. First, the backstory of No Roses for Harry.*

Harry was a white dog with black spots. On his birthday, he got a present from Grandma. It was a woolen sweater with roses on it. Harry didn’t like it the moment he saw it. He didn’t like the roses.

1 (2)2mp.jpg

This is a story that packs a punch. In the opening paragraph alone and in the priceless expression on his face, we are all reminded of a time when we opened a gift, feared our inability to hide our shock and thought How ghastly is that!

Poor Harry. No one else seems to think the sweater is ghastly. He does his best to lose it, fails three times, is forced to wear it and finally hangs his head.

3 (2)2mp.jpg

That’s when his luck began.

As he sat wondering what to do, Harry noticed a loose stitch on his sweater. He pulled at the wool—just a little at first – then a bit more – and a little bit more. Harry didn’t know it, but a bird was watching….

Quick as a flash, she took the end of the wool in her beak and flew away with it! It all happened before Harry could even blink.

2 (2)2mp.jpg

To Harry’s great delight, the bird kept flying with the string of wool in her beak until the entire sweater had unraveled and was trailing after the bird high up in the sky like a plane at the beach trails a banner – this was the best banner ever!

No one in the family noticed until they got a note from Grandma that she was coming for a visit. Uh-oh! Where’s the sweater? Of course they couldn’t find it. Only Harry knew why.

This is where I take umbrage.

When Grandma arrived, Harry ran to her with his leash. Then he sat up and begged. “All right, Harry,” said Grandma. After I’ve had my lunch and a nap, we’ll go for a walk.”

4 (3)2mp.jpg

C’mon, Grandma. Really? You just got there. Lunch, okay. But a nap? You need a nap??

I’m pretty good about sticking to the text of a book as I read aloud to children. It seems ingenuine and just plain wrong to change what the author clearly intended the words to be, much as we will interpret them (and, in this case, the hilarious images and fashion of 1958) individually anyway. But this is the one part of this book I might have reworded slightly once or twice over the years, maybe even just omitted the “and a nap” part.

What kind of grandmas need naps, even think of naps, in the late morning having just arrived on a visit to precious grandchildren? Not the kind I wanted my children to form images of. Not me anyway, not the woman who would someday become the grandmother (Oma) of their own children. Best nip this expectation in the bud. No roses for Harry and no naps for me!

For better or worse, I have a lot to do in this one life I’ve been given. It’s always been that way. Whether working full time under someone else’s timetable or ordering every minute of my day myself, I am one of those people whose list is always longer than the time given, who never runs out of things to do, who thinks of the next thing while doing the three things that came before it. I have always lamented that I have to sleep. I like to sleep, don’t get me wrong. Sleep is glorious and needful, but sleep happens at nighttime, the way nature intended.

Napping is a foreign concept – they call it a siesta in some cultures, right? Other cultures. Napping was always, for me, an activity reserved for those days when I am so sick I can’t get off the couch. I always said If I’m asleep during the day, you know I don’t feel well.

C’mon, Grandma. Really?

Gosh, now I get it!

See this darling little fellow? This is Nelson, almost two, with my mom, his great-grandma, about to catch him as he flies downward with all speed and zero fear.

Nelson on slide (2)2mp.jpg

See this darling little girl? This is Ellie, just turned four, posing with a goat at Yoder’s in Madison, Virginia, looking sweet and angelic, which she (yes, of course, because I love her very much) always is. 😊

ellie with goat2mp.jpg

They wear me out! I need a nap!



*No Roses for Harry by Gene Zion, Pictures by Margaret Bloy Graham, Harper Collins Children’s Books, New York, 1958

cover (2)2mp.jpg

8 thoughts on “Who, me? A Napper?

  1. Patricia,
    I’m also someone who always has more to do than the time to get it done. However, I’m learning to listen to my body more and more. If it says “you’re tired, sit for awhile,” I listen. If I happen to fall asleep while I’m sitting for a moment, well, I must have needed a moment of shut eye. LOL. I was so enjoying the story. Read me more stories, please! I promise, I won’t fall asleep while you’re reading! Mona


    • Thank you for that piece of encouragement about the stories, Mona. I’ve whet your appetite a bit in the newest Something Lighter post. Do you want more? More of the meat of the story as I did with the goblin? I love these books and their images so much that I have some of my favorites framed and hanging all over my house. They make me smile 🙂 Also, FYI, I have been sitting all day! And the other day, after the little scampers Ellie and Nelson left, I even closed my eyes for a few minutes! Progress?!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no, you’d begrudge a tired old grandma her nap? Maybe she just got in from a long flight!
    I need so many naps already, and I love them so much. I’m gonna be asleep ALL the time when I’m old, and probably upright snoring in a wicker chair.


    • Ah, point well taken. My apologies to tired grandmas! But see, in my mind, grandmas were neither old nor tired. My own mom was perky and energetic around my kids, never napping. We base our images on what we know 🙂 You nap all you like, Sarah! Let the (future) grandkids laugh at your snoring all they want — it won’t be the only thing you give them to laugh about, I’m sure!

      Liked by 1 person

      • My grandma was always tired and slow with a bad hip, yet she insisted on forcing her painful hospitality on us despite our protests and pleas to let us help her. I wish she took more naps!
        I like that your mom and you are both spunky, energetic, nap-less types. It’s nice to know people like that exist ❤️


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