Oh My Gourd(s)!!

Every year the garden is different. Every year something or other does spectacularly well. This year, on a whim, I picked up some packets of gourd seeds. Never grew gourds before, but oh my! They went crazy!

I’m not sure what use gourds are – you can hollow them out to make birdhouses maybe? Wait for the seeds inside to dry and then shake them to make a rattling sound? Mostly they are just cool to look at. They are the punkers, the hipsters, the goths, the we-will-not-look-like-everyone-else garden produce (and so what if we’re not edible!?). With their own funky style, whether bi-colored, bumpy or (hey, it’s a stretch but someone might also think) sexily curvaceous, gourds are worth their salt just for the entertainment value.

Within the jungle of vines, here are a few of my beauties. I wonder why the yellow part of this kind is closer to the stem. I get that to some people the line between yellow and green might look like a stock report, but I see the profile of a mountain range.

This one takes the prize for Strength of Color and for Best Imitation of a UFO.


This one, preferring the shade, wins Least Pretentious. The vines were so thick, it was tricky getting close enough for an up-close photo.

This one’s going for Bumpiest-Oh-Yeah!


This one wants to be a child’s rattle when it grows up and dries out. A big child’s. It comes with a built-in handle.


Going for the Audrey Hepburn waistline (though she’d never allow those hips!), this one has a sensuous streak.


And finally – there’s one in every crowd – drum roll please! See if you can spot it from afar. I’ve labeled a few things to make it a little easier to find your way around.


Well, this last gourd, the one I’m calling attention to, I know it’s there and I can barely see it myself in the big picture photo. So I won’t hold it against you if you can’t find it. Hint: Look carefully at the part of the gourd vines that decided to climb the fence, near that upper gourd arrow with the brown tarp tent in the background… How’s this for a beauty!!??


I know, I know – takes First Prize, right?? You be the judge…

8 thoughts on “Oh My Gourd(s)!!

  1. Love this expose’ on gourds, Patricia! Your descriptions inspire, bring delight to the soul, and make me laugh! “Bumpiest” gourd was simply a”maze”ing amid the vine tendrils.


  2. Love the variety of gourds. With a large garden like yours it’s fun to have interesting inedible plants. It will be interesting to see what you end up doing with your little beauties.


  3. That last gourd is amazing!
    Also, may I request a closer look at those amazing lilies?
    They used to use gourds as canteens. Some say a water gourd carries the best-tastingwater. (I bet it tastes better than plastic!) They also make handy spoons.
    Also… they’re hilarious.


    • Oh, right, canteens! I remember now! Maybe I’ll try that in time for our writer’s conference 🙂

      For you, Sarah, the midsummer garden’s dream gives you the lily close-up… they are the best ever.

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