Blueberry Snacktime!

The Ben & Jerry’s Pfish Food is gone. I enjoy it sooooo much every now and then, counting it as very special, meaning I don’t make a habit of having it around because 1. Too much Ben & Jerry’s would make me a whale and 2. I don’t want to be a whale. I’m not too keen on the lowfat or calorically-modified versions of things though because mystery ingredients make me nervous. Within the range of reason, I like to know what I’m eating.

So where does that leave me when I want something like ice cream – cold, sweet and dairy – but have met my quota of fudgy fish mixed in with the richest chocolate ice cream and luscious marshmallowy goo? (Oh, for a free pass on Pfish Food!)

It leaves me with one of my all-time favorite snacks – simple as can be AND cold, sweet and dairy.

“My blueberries,” I call it. “I’m going to have my blueberries.” By this I mean I walk to my freezer, take out the package of frozen wild Maine blueberries (the tiny ones these are, and this concoction works better with the tiny ones as compared to the giant cultivated berries), pour a little maple syrup or honey over them (say, about a tablespoon), making it look like this…


…pour some milk over it, like this…


…and wait five minutes or so for the frozen hardness of the berries to seep into the liquid milk, resulting in softer berries and sweet, slushy milk, which you then mix up and eat with a spoon. Oh yum! Not too heavy, just sweet enough, and I forget all about the Pfish Food!

The berries I use are Wyman’s and you can see I got the 3-pound bag of them this last time because they were on sale. Snacks don’t have to be complicated to be very, very good!


5 thoughts on “Blueberry Snacktime!

  1. Don’t you just hate it when the ice cream’s gone? Ugh. However, blueberries and milk sound pretty tasty. I’m so glad you wrote this because I almost forgot — it’s blueberry picking season. I’ve never been and I keep promising myself that we/my family and I should go. We’ve had a wet spring, so I’m hoping that equates to plump, tasty blueberries this summer. I’m going to look into doing that this week! Thanks for the reminder. Also, is it okay for me to call you by your first name when I comment. I always try and get permission first because some people prefer their name not be used. They have their reasons and I respect whatever is told me. M.L. James aka Mona


    • During the 20-some years I lived in Vermont, we had eight blueberry bushes that produced gallons (I counted eight zip-lock gallon bags one year!) of berries that I enjoyed frozen with milk and some sweetness every winter. I miss those bushes! But I also discovered, when no longer so blessed, that the wild ones you buy in the frozen section pack more flavor and thaw a bit quicker when immersed in milk, letting me enjoy their amazing and satisfying flavor all the sooner!
      Yes, Mona, you certainly may use my first name. You also give me the opportunity to clarify a point of confusion. My site is penned by “eponine3” because I messed up when starting this blog and had no idea what I was doing, and then there it was and I seemed to be stuck with it. Fixing it/trying to fix it was way too much to ask at that point. If I had been trying to use a pen name, I would not have chosen Eponine, which is my granddaughter’s name (everyone calls her Eppie). I might even have chosen Mona! I love that name! Alas, many thanks for asking, Patricia

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